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As vaping continues to become more popular amongst adults in the UK, more misconceptions and inaccuracies seem to arise at the same time, making people unsure as to whether vaping is a good idea. In general, studies have found that while there are inevitably certain risks associated with vaping, in comparison to smoking tobacco, vaping is much less harmful. Here we address some of the most common vaping myths, and what the realities are:

Vaping isn’t regulated

This couldn’t be more wrong, as the UK has extremely strict regulations when it comes to e-cigarettes. All products are subject to minimum standards of safety and quality and include all the information a customer may need to make an informed choice as to whether or not vaping is for them.

Vapour is harmful to bystanders

This myth tends to come from the fact that when someone smokes tobacco, the second-hand smoke is harmful to people who just happen to be around. This is why smokers now have to avoid public spaces according to UK laws. However, this law does not refer to vaping and it is down to individual businesses to decide whether they mind people vaping on their premises.

Vapes encourage younger people to start smoking

Our vape store ensures free, next day delivery of products – but only to adults. There is a concern that promoting a healthier way to smoke will encourage younger people to partake. However, UK surveys tend to show that while young people are experimenting with vapes, it seems to be confined to those who already smoke or have previously smoked. It’s important to remember that by promoting vaping amongst adults, we are not normalising smoking in general or amongst young people.

Vapes contain nicotine so they must be harmful

Nicotine causes few health issues but it is the reason that people can potentially become addicted to smoking. Cigarette smoke contains many more harmful chemicals that aren’t present in vapes, in particular tar and carbon monoxide. The few chemicals that can be found in vapes are at much lower levels.

Vapes don’t help people quit smoking

Studies have shown that an e-cigarette is often more effective at helping people stop smoking than nicotine replacement therapies. Offering the best vapes, we provide a healthier alternative to smoking, and can also offer personal advice as to which kit would be best suited to you as an individual.

For more advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.